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THE PEOPLE Michael Kerr, President

Jeffrey Schneider, Executive VP of Research & Development

Michel Richez, Executive VP of Business Development

David Lustig, VP of Business Development - Market Research

Andrew Brooks, Programming Manager

Rachel Koenke, Operations Manager

FACILITYOSC houses its corporate offices, scanning and processing operations at 170 Earle Avenue in Lynbrook, New York.

PATENTSPatent No. 5,229,589 (July 20, 1993)

The United States Patent Office issued a patent for the system invented by Jeffrey Schneider in 1993. Patent pending in Canada and in major countries all over the world.
Michael Kerr, President Michael Kerr established OSC in 1991 for the express purpose of building a viable business around Jeffrey Schneider’s revolutionary scanning system, Fast and Accurate Questionnaire Scanning SystemTM ( FAQSSTM ). His faith in the system and skills as a businessman and administrator enabled Michael to transform an idea into a highly successful enterprise. As president of the company, Michael is both a visionary and a hands-on problem solver.
Jeffrey Schneider, Executive VP Research & Development Jeffrey Schneider began his career programming radar systems for the military at Norden Systems, Inc. while still a student at New York Institute of Technology. In 1991, with Michael Kerr’s support, Jeffrey developed the unique software program, Fast and Accurate Questionnaire Scanning SystemTM (FAQSSTM), and Optimum Solutions Corp. was established. His unique ability to assess clients’ needs and respond quickly to them has enabled OSC to contract with some of the most prestigious companies in the market research and educational assessment industries.
Michel Richez, Executive VP of Business Development

As former Director of Technology and Information Services at Long Beach Public Schools from 1999-2011, Michel Richez’s responsibilities included overseeing instructional and administrative technology, telecommunications, security systems, and NYS and Federal assessment reports.  Between July, 2011 through August, 2013, Michel was Director of Business Operations & Development for A+ Technology & Security Solutions Inc., responsible for daily operation oversight and support, as well as customer issues, employee productivity, and developing business partnerships.  As Executive Vice President of Business Development at OSC, Michel is responsible for our core business, market research sales and relationships, as well as our developing our education division.

David Lustig, Vice President of Business Development – Market Research Based out of Coral Springs, Florida, David oversees business development for market research, existing client services, customer acquisition, customer strategy and represents the firm at conferences and trade shows. An experienced operations executive, David has previously been a senior leader in the fields of data collection, processing, quality control and delivery of products for leading media research firms.
Andrew Brooks, Programming Manager

A 1989 graduate of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and computer programmer for ABR Corporation from 1990 – 1995, Andrew Brooks brought a wealth of expertise and experience to OSC when he joined the company in December, 1995. He quickly proved to be an asset to the company, assisting in the conversion of the FAQSS application software from DOS to Windows. His intimate knowledge of the FAQSS software, problem solving and leadership abilities enabled Andrew to assume responsibilities as Senior Developer. In that capacity, Andrew supervises the Computer Programming Division, as well as the Help Desk. Andrew assisted in the isolation of Image Mark Recognition (IMR) engine for the 2010 Census and is currently assisting in the development of EASE (Educational Assessment Scoring Environment), OSC’s proprietary electronic scoring technology.

Rachel Koenke, Operations Manager

Rachel Koenke began her employment at OSC in 1995 as a data entry clerk, while still a student at Hofstra University. As the company expanded, so did Rachel’s responsibilities. Her people skills and clear understanding of the inner working of the software enabled Rachel to move easily between the technical and customer service departments, and made her a valuable asset at OSC. Rachel handles every task with the professionalism our clients need and the personal attention they deserve.