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Formative tests and standardized assessments are invaluable tools used to determine each student’s progress. One of the many challenges faced by school administrators and supervisors is to find a fast, fair, reliable, easy to implement and cost-efficient system to expedite scoring. That’s why OSC has developed the EASE™ suite of applications that provides practical solutions to these scoring challenges.

As exceptional as our software is, it is just one of the key elements that contribute to our clients’ success. OSC remarkable team of software designers, technical experts and educational assessment specialists work hand in hand with our clients every step of the way. It is their dedication and commitment to the success of every scoring project we undertake that distinguishes OSC from every other company in the field.
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December 6th, 2010
EASE™ System Receives a District Administration Magazine 2010 Top 100 Award Citation

Click here to view pdf of aricle published in District Administration:EASE™ System Receives a District Administration Magazine 2010 Top 100 Award Citation


Breakthrough Educational Assessment Scoring Environment (EASE System™) from Optimum Solutions Corporation promises to transform the way both large and small school districts use state-of-the-art technology to capture and score tests.


LYNBROOK, NEW YORK, December 1, 2010 — Underscoring the immediate impact its Educational Assessment Scoring Environment (EASE System™) is having in the K-12 educational community, Optimum Solutions Corporation (www.oscworld.com) today announced that District Administration magazine had named the EASE System a 2010 Top 100 Product Award winner, just four months after the system was deployed for the first time in New York State school districts.


“To be recognized by a magazine of such influence so soon after the market introduction of our EASE System is a testament to both the system’s performance capabilities and the New York State school districts who have put the EASE System to such great use so quickly,” Optimum Solutions Corporation Executive Vice President John Harrison said today.  “We are proud to accept this honor and we look forward to bringing the benefits of the EASE Systems to K-12 school districts throughout the country.”


According to Harrison, the EASE System makes highly customizable, state-of-the-art data capture and scoring technology available to all size school districts for the very first time.  EASE is totally flexible and completely customizable to meet the unique needs of each individual school district that uses it. The EASE suite of applications provides a totally customizable scanning, closed end processing and constructed response scoring solution.  It is the only package available from a single solutions provider that can function on-site or remotely and deliver the unique combination of user-flexibility, tools, patented software, and scoring support needed for all phases of electronic scoring.


Readers of District Administration are the top public school administrators in the country, and they know from experience what works and what does not work within their districts. As part of its annual Top 100 award program, District Administration asked its readers to nominate the hardware, software, books and materials, Web sites, or facilities products that have made a positive difference in their districts in 2010.


The winning products were determined by the quantity of nominations received per product as well as evaluating the quality of readers’ nominations and explanations. The 2010 winners were selected from hundreds of nominations received over the last six months, a significant increase in participation from the previous year. “These product recommendations included extensive descriptions from school administrators of how these products are used in their districts, making it very challenging to choose the top 100 products. We hope these products, and their accompanying testimonials, will act as a valuable resource for our readers,” says District Administration’s editor in chief, Judy Faust Hartnett.


Founded in 1990, and headquartered in Lynbrook, New York, Optimum Solutions Corporation (www.oscworld.com) is an industry leading manufacturer and marketer of the world’s most advanced automated scanning and data capture systems for both corporate and educational market applications.

The company’s clients include the United States Census Bureau for the 2010 Census as well as by Kantar Media, Experian, Synovate, Young & Rubicam, Maritz Research, Scarborough Research, the Gallup Organization, and other leading Fortune 100 and multi-national corporations, as well as leading K-12 school districts in New York State.