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Formative tests and standardized assessments are invaluable tools used to determine each student’s progress. One of the many challenges faced by school administrators and supervisors is to find a fast, fair, reliable, easy to implement and cost-efficient system to expedite scoring. That’s why OSC has developed the EASE™ suite of applications that provides practical solutions to these scoring challenges.

As exceptional as our software is, it is just one of the key elements that contribute to our clients’ success. OSC remarkable team of software designers, technical experts and educational assessment specialists work hand in hand with our clients every step of the way. It is their dedication and commitment to the success of every scoring project we undertake that distinguishes OSC from every other company in the field.
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August 14th, 2010
Jackie Brandwein, ELA Scoring Leader

“I have been involved in all aspects of scoring tests since the late 90’s. This new innovation of computer scoring and data input has truly brought us into the 21st century. As this technology eliminates the constant handling of thousands of test booklets and answer documents, teacher, trainer and supervisors can concentrate on scoring more accurately, at a faster pace with the data information and interpretation built right in. Most importantly, this results in teachers having more time teaching their students and less time out of the classroom marking tests. And that’s really the point … isn’t it????”