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Formative tests and standardized assessments are invaluable tools used to determine each student’s progress. One of the many challenges faced by school administrators and supervisors is to find a fast, fair, reliable, easy to implement and cost-efficient system to expedite scoring. That’s why OSC has developed the EASE™ suite of applications that provides practical solutions to these scoring challenges.

As exceptional as our software is, it is just one of the key elements that contribute to our clients’ success. OSC remarkable team of software designers, technical experts and educational assessment specialists work hand in hand with our clients every step of the way. It is their dedication and commitment to the success of every scoring project we undertake that distinguishes OSC from every other company in the field.
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March 17th, 2011
Regents Scanning Solutions-EASE

Regents Scanning SolutionTM (RSSTM)

The New York State Board of Regents has mandated that all student answer sheets be scanned, recorded and maintained electronically. The EASETM Regents Scanning SolutionTM meets all State requirements, and more.

The Regents Scanning Solution increases accuracy, virtually eliminates human error and decreases the time required to complete the scoring process. In fact, tasks that required hours of manual entry are completed electronically within one hour. How does it work? Answer documents are scanned by the school districts. The images are then sent electronically to OSC. Within one hour of the receipt of the last image, OSC captures, reviews and verifies the intended marks, and sends back the raw data to be tabulated electronically.

Minimizes human error
EASE minimizes human error by automatically capturing intended marks made by students and scorers with unprecedented accuracy.

All Marks are Automatically Detected
Utilizing OSC’s proven, patented Mark Sense Technology that is embedded in EASE, each detected mark is segmented, rebuilt (lines that cross preprinted areas are reconnected) and analyzed by more than 10 algorithms.

Multiple Marks are Reviewed and Verified
Questions that are answered with multiple marks are handled as follows: the marks are automatically ferreted out and evaluated by two operators.

Minimizes costs by providing a centralized solution
OSC offers a centralized solution that is extremely cost-effective. By contracting with OSC, individual school districts, BOCES and / or RICS no longer have to purchase costly, cumbersome software programs designed to read and decipher students’ marks. Nor do they have to train personnel to learn and implement those programs. Instead, OSC processes the scanned images scanned by the school districts, captures the intended marks, reviews and verifies multiple responses and disseminates the raw data to be tabulated and scored.

Guarantees fast turn-around – raw data is delivered in one hour
OSC guarantees a turn-around time of one hour from the receipt of the last image scanned to the delivery of the raw data file.