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OSC developed a data capture system that revolutionized the way the market research industry processed questionnaires and surveys with the introduction of its Fast and Accurate Questionnaire Scanning SystemTM, FAQSSTM, (which has recently been renamed FACTS, Fast Accurate Capture Technology Solutions). The only data capture system that automatically processes all forms, even damaged or torn surveys, FACTS also distinguishes cross-outs, erasures and stray marks from 'real marks,' with better than 99% accuracy. But the real key to OSC's success is our ability to anticipate our clients' needs, adapt our software and personalize our service to meet those specific needs. Clients can opt to outsource their projects to OSC's Service Bureau or License the FACTS software and process their projects in house. Our Online Division services electronic surveys with the same attention to detail and professionalism that earned OSC its place as one of the leading data capture companies in the industry.
Fast and accurate questionaire scanning system
Written Testimonials

Kelly J. Meekma, Vice President of Operations, Synovate

“… From the onset of our relationship, OSC identified our needs and personalized their software to fit our very specific purpose; and across the course of our lengthy relationship the software has continued to evolve, adapting to and even anticipating our ever changing needs.”

Mark Manders, Senior Vice President, Coral Springs Production & Radio/TV Policies and Quality Control, Scarborough Research

“…We especially appreciate the timeliness of both updates to the software and response to our occasional requests for technical support and other assistance. OSC has become a very valued partner in the day-to-day operation of our business.”

John Williams Div-VP, Operations, Maritz Research

“…I value the partnership/collaboration your team provides to our operation. There have been countless custom process and /or reporting improvements delivered over the years.”
“…Your systems performance, dedication to best in class solutions and your willingness to listen and deliver to your customers needs sets OSC apart.”

Jon O. Zvolanek, Sr. Vice President of Operations, National Research Corporation

“…OSC delivers on its promise everyday with our use of FAQSS. We feel it is the best technology available within the industry.”
“…OSC has been a true partner with NRC while we have seen strong growth in our company and has been responsive and proactive to meet our needs. We wouldn’t be as successful without this partnership.”

Ann Brown, CEO, Gazelle Global Research Services, LLC

“…Since our inception in 1994, your customer support has been excellent, response to our questions and needs is timely and our projects always come in on budget.”