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OSC developed a data capture system that revolutionized the way the market research industry processed questionnaires and surveys with the introduction of its Fast and Accurate Questionnaire Scanning SystemTM, FAQSSTM, (which has recently been renamed FACTS, Fast Accurate Capture Technology Solutions). The only data capture system that automatically processes all forms, even damaged or torn surveys, FACTS also distinguishes cross-outs, erasures and stray marks from 'real marks,' with better than 99% accuracy. But the real key to OSC's success is our ability to anticipate our clients' needs, adapt our software and personalize our service to meet those specific needs. Clients can opt to outsource their projects to OSC's Service Bureau or License the FACTS software and process their projects in house. Our Online Division services electronic surveys with the same attention to detail and professionalism that earned OSC its place as one of the leading data capture companies in the industry.
Fast and accurate questionaire scanning system
The Facts Process
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FACTSTM – Fast Accurate Capture Technology Solutions TM
1FACTS is a data capture system that allows for automated capture of information from documents. The beauty of the FACTS system is its performance in terms of speed and accuracy.  It is widely regarded as the fastest, most accurate, full-featured automated data capture system. It is heralded by Fortune 100 and other Blue Chip companies as the “leader in the industry.”


  • Mark Analysis – each detected mark is segmented, rebuilt (lines that cross preprinted areas are reconnected), and analyzed by more than 10 algorithms.  This analysis generates an average mark, to which each detected mark is compared.  This process establishes the level of confidence at which the marks can be read.  Erasures, cross-outs, straight lines and other marks can now be detected. The process is done on a page-by-page basis: a new average mark is generated for each page of multi-page forms.


  • Verbatim Coding/Keying – this module features verbatim keying of hand written responses, coding of hand written responses based on an imported/created set of codes with the ability to add, modify or delete codes during the coding process, a review capability that provides for the review of coded responses and re-coding as required.


  • Workflow – The Workflow Management System is a feature that allows you to manage, reprioritize and monitor the flow of work within the FACTS system.


  • System Statistics – There are hundreds of system statistics available, including: Operator Statistics and Software Statistics


  • Data Entry – Data entry allows the user to manually enter data into the FACTS system. It is designed for maximum performance and accuracy.
    • Entry from on-screen images
    • Supports multiple images of the same question for accuracy
    • Features operator security
    • Logs actions
    • Features an  unlimited undo function
    • Tracks number of entries
    • Tracks speed at which data is entered


  • Verification – Verification allows an operator to validate any work done by a data entry operator or any data automatically captured. The verification operator re-keys a sampling or all of the original work, and is alerted when there is a mismatch. Operator and system accuracy statistics are saved for later reporting and evaluation.

Enhancements to FACTS

Telescoding – captures multiple levels of data, providing a more valuable, in-depth profile of the respondent’s views.


Foreign Language Data Entry – allows operator to key in the foreign language which can then be coded.Audio Capture – sound files (telephone interviews) are keyed or coded to be processed through OSC’s proprietary data capture system.


Three Pass Process – a cost effective method to assure accuracy.  Documents are sent to two data entry operators. Should there be a discrepancy, it is automatically sent to a third, higher level operator for final review.


Dynamic Surveys –a single program that elicits targeted data from multiple target audiences that reflect their individual experiences.