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OSC developed a data capture system that revolutionized the way the market research industry processed questionnaires and surveys with the introduction of its Fast and Accurate Questionnaire Scanning SystemTM, FAQSSTM, (which has recently been renamed FACTS, Fast Accurate Capture Technology Solutions). The only data capture system that automatically processes all forms, even damaged or torn surveys, FACTS also distinguishes cross-outs, erasures and stray marks from 'real marks,' with better than 99% accuracy. But the real key to OSC's success is our ability to anticipate our clients' needs, adapt our software and personalize our service to meet those specific needs. Clients can opt to outsource their projects to OSC's Service Bureau or License the FACTS software and process their projects in house. Our Online Division services electronic surveys with the same attention to detail and professionalism that earned OSC its place as one of the leading data capture companies in the industry.
Fast and accurate questionaire scanning system
The Facts Process
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Companies such as Maritz, Synovate, National Research Corporation (NCR) and Scarborough Research who license the FACTS system claim that it completely transformed their operation. Performing the work of dozens of human operators, FACTS virtually eliminates human error, while maintaining speed and accuracy. FACTS is the only automated data capture system versatile enough to automatically and accurately scan any format, any paper, any question. Unlike other imaging systems, there are no format restraints with FACTS. Closed ends are automatically processed almost as fast as they are scanned. Open-end coding procedures that once required hours or even days of hunting and pecking are reduced to seconds by FACTS.

FACTSTM – Fast Accurate Capture Technology System TM

  • Accuracy (99.9% accurate): The success of any project hinges on the reliability of the data processed. That’s why our ability to generate 99.9% accuracy distinguishes OSC from other data scanning and processing companies.
  • Scalability: The FACTS system can scale to meet your needs. Fortune 500 companies use it to process thousands of forms each day. Smaller companies purchase a base system and then expand by adding additional scanners, processing stations, and data entry stations.
  • Manageability: The FACTS system was designed from the ground up to support an easy to use administration interface that allows you full control over your FACTS system including the addition of users, the management of batches, and the tracking of statistics. No other data capture system does more work automatically requiring fewer operators.

SOFTWARE – FACTS software is written using the Microsoft Visual development environment to ensure maximum compatibility with the Windows operating system. The FACTS software is broken into modules which can be easily updated when new versions are released. This enables OSC to empower its clients with the latest software as quickly as possible.

Administration – The administration module allows a client to administer the FACTS system from one networked terminal. This module allows a user to control:
  • Operator accounts
  • Operator privileges
  • Statistics for all operators
  • Archive ad retrieval functions

Batch Maintenance – The batch maintenance module allow you to manage all batches on the system. This module performs the following functions:
  • Controls batches
  • Finalizes batches
  • Re-enabling of batches (redo work if new entry rules are given, etc.)
  • Recover batches (in case of power outages, etc.)
  • Copies batches
  • Deletes batches

Template – The template setup/maintenance module is used to define all aspects of forms and surveys that needs to be captured by the FACTS system. This module allows the user to setup:
  • Single responses
  • Multiple responses
  • Hand entered responses
  • Form entered responses
  • Auto increment question
  • Fixed output question
  • Auto date question
  • Image processing – export, annotate selected pages and forms
  • Open ended question
    • Coded question
    • Key question
  • Barcodes
  • Respondent IDs
  • Batch Identifiers

Scanning – The Scanning module allows the user to connect FACTS to many of the most common image scanners available on the market today and directly scan images into the system.

Import – The Import module allows the user to bring in images from a non-integrated scanner or external source. Images can be routed to batches in particular templates based on barcodes or printed text.

Process – The process module performs automated data capture through use of OCR/ICR, and FACTS’ Mark Sense technology.
  • Dedicated processor (supports SMP systems)
  • Utilizes OSC’s own patented IMR (Image Mark Recognition) engine and algorithms
  • Utilizes Mitek engine for OCR/ICR

Data Entry – The data entry module allows the user to hand enter data into the FACTS system. This module is designed for maximum performance and accuracy. This module allows for the following:
  • Entry of data from images
  • Supports multiple images of the same question for accuracy
  • Operator security
  • Logs actions
  • Supports unlimited undo
  • Tracks number of entries
  • Tracks speed at which data is entered
  • Tracks operator error rate

Verification – The verification module allows an operator to validate any work done by a data entry operator or any data automatically captured. The verification operator re-keys a sampling or all of the original work. The module then compares the two and alerts the user when there is a mismatch. This allows a supervisor to choose the correct data. Like the data entry module, the verification module reports on keystroke rates and user throughput. In addition the verification module reports both operator and system accuracy statistics. The administration module can be used to generate summaries of these so that a supervisor can evaluate staff performance.

Image Review – The Image Review module allows users to examine any image captured by FACTS. It is primarily used in quality control. One viewing option allows you to view questionnaire images and captured data simultaneously. The operator is guided along the capture areas of the image seeing both the written response and the captured response side-by-side. This powerful feature is used by our Service Bureau with the final word on data to be delivered. The module also allows for the querying and collection of snippets of capture areas based on a variety of conditions. Users may select the images of certain capture areas based on particular values in the captured data. Images may be printed or exported with selected annotations.

Workflow – OSC has developed a workflow module that integrates the data entry, verification and reporting tools within FACTS. The primary functions of this module are:
  • Allow administrators to group operators and work together logically
  • Assign data entry activities to operators in a way that is automated, controllable and efficient
  • Assign automated capture and finalization activities to unmanned stations
  • Allow administrators to quickly understand and assess the amount and throughput of work in the system

Hardware – The FACTS system was designed to run on Intel based PC’s running Windows NT, 2000, XP Pro and 2003 Server operating systems.  This lowers your cost of ownership as you can make use of existing hardware, or use computers on the FACTS system for tasks other than running FACTS.  The FACTS system is made up of several hardware components. Each component performs a different task and in some cases, several tasks.

Scanning – The FACTS system utilizes high performance scanners to input forms into our system. OSC uses Kodak scanners in our Service Bureau. These scanners support our high volume needs. Some customers choose to use their own high performance scanners. OSC designed FACTS to work with any scanner that uses the ISIS interface allowing you to use the scanner of your choice.

Processing – The processing station is the machine that performs most of the automated recognition.   Automated recognition is achieved using our patented software.  USB keys are required for both the processing and Mitek software.