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OSC developed a data capture system that revolutionized the way the market research industry processed questionnaires and surveys with the introduction of its Fast and Accurate Questionnaire Scanning SystemTM, FAQSSTM, (which has recently been renamed FACTS, Fast Accurate Capture Technology Solutions). The only data capture system that automatically processes all forms, even damaged or torn surveys, FACTS also distinguishes cross-outs, erasures and stray marks from 'real marks,' with better than 99% accuracy. But the real key to OSC's success is our ability to anticipate our clients' needs, adapt our software and personalize our service to meet those specific needs. Clients can opt to outsource their projects to OSC's Service Bureau or License the FACTS software and process their projects in house. Our Online Division services electronic surveys with the same attention to detail and professionalism that earned OSC its place as one of the leading data capture companies in the industry.
Fast and accurate questionaire scanning system
The Facts Process
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The unique benefit of utilizing OSC’s online services is the fact that your online survey can be imported into our FACTSTM system, a proven, feature-rich data capture technology. Of course, OSC brings the same professionalism and attention to detail to its online survey services as it does to its paper survey services. From the creation and distribution of the survey to the tabulation and analysis of the data to the final report, you can rely on OSC to handle all or any aspect of online market research you require.

Creation of Online Surveys – OSC utilizes a powerful, highly customizable survey engine to create sophisticated online surveys. Our extensive knowledge of online questionnaire design and data collection methodologies is combined with intelligent, careful workmanship and judicious use of Internet technologies. Question types and layouts are limited only by your imagination and the technology available in common Internet browsers. The result is simple elegant solutions, fast turnaround and clean data.

Quality Control of Survey – In addition to standard testing and review by the programmer and the client during development, each project is subject to a stringent internal review process prior to launch. The project manager monitors the project during the field period.

Recruiting and Sample Management – OSC provides the following services:

  • Quotas  management, which allows you to control the survey sample size for your projects—if you only need 500 males and 500 females—you can make sure that’s what you get.
  • Use of embedded unique coded links and custom login screens that allow for auto-resume and duplication prevention.
  • Highly effective batch e-mail system with counts on returns.
  • Management and processing of client and external sample sources.
  • Interfacing with third-party sample providers.
  • Invite through web site links.
  • FAX invite.
  • Telephone / CATI / DRD invite.
  • Mall intercept.
  • Postal mail and postcard.

Online Survey Programming and Hosting – OSC provides the following services:

  • Fast, reliable and highly customizable online survey engine.
  • Advanced routing, filtering, branch logic, validation, on-the-fly calculations, sorting and randomization.
  • Complex multi-level segment balancing algorithms.
  • Support for conjoint series, discrete choice models, max/diff models, external or embedded.

Reporting tools – Reporting tools are provided to monitor fielding and data collection. Extensive custom reporting tools can be designed and built for projects requiring more in-depth real-time online analysis and reporting. Partial data delivery is available immediately after launch. Final data is delivered upon close of survey. Data is provided from a secure Internet location. All common flat ASCII formats are supported: CSV, TSV, Fixed width.  Custom formats such as column ASCII are available upon request. Status reports show the number of complete, terminated and partial records.  The length of the interviews is available as a graph and/or statistics. Frequency reports and customizable cross-tab reports are available.

Data Security – All servers and services are remotely monitored 24 x7 for uptime and quality of service and employ redundant Raid 1 storage. They are routinely upgraded and replaced. The equipment is housed in a physically secured location with 24×7 security guard, 24×7 location and network monitor, redundant electric power, uninterruptable power supply and diesel generator backup. Internet connectivity is gained through multiple fiber optic connections, peered with over 500 networks and four Tier 1 upstream providers (MCI, Savvis, AT&T and Sprint) We have excellent connectivity and uptime for both domestic and international traffic. There is no fixed bandwidth cap to limit connectivity during high traffic periods.
All survey data is backed up nightly to a remote site.