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Below is a collection of frequently asked questions, in their respective categories.
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What kind of software is used?

The survey engine, user interface components, management tools, reporting and data generation software, batch mail system and many smaller support tools are customized to the client’s needs.

What kind of hardware is used? How is it monitored and maintained?
• All servers and services are remotely monitored 24 x7 for uptime and quality of service.
• Servers are routinely upgraded and replaced
• All servers employ redundant Raid 1 storage.
• All survey data is backed up nightly to a remote site.
• Equipment is housed in a physically secured location with 24×7 security guard, 24×7 location and network monitor, redundant electric power, uninterruptable power supply and diesel generator backup
• Internet connectivity is gained through multiple fiber optic connections, peered with over 500 networks and four Tier 1 upstream providers (MCI, Savvis, AT&T and Sprint) We have excellent connectivity and uptime for both domestic and international traffic. There is no fixed bandwidth cap to limit connectivity during high traffic periods.
How is data reported? In what formats? How are status reports delivered?
• Data is provided from a secure Internet location. All common flat ASCII formats supported: CSV, TSV, Fixed width. Custom formats such as column ASCII are available upon request.
• Status reports show the number of complete, terminate and partial records.
• Length of interview is available as a graph and statistics.
• Frequency report.
• Customizable cross-tab.
Who is responsible for my project?
OSC assigns a project manager who acts as your day to day liaison. Our technical staff is always available to you for any question or challenge that may occur.