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Document Conversion

The benefits of document conversion for businesses, municipalities and organizations is demonstrable. Scanning, digitization and electronic organization of information now provides instant access to valuable information. Every day hundreds of thousands of pages of inventory records, patient files, payroll information, and court records are being digitized. Once digitized there is no longer a need to waste time and energy searching through paper files taking up costly office or warehouse space. Plus, electronic documents can be readily shared with staff members and posted online, facilitating work flow while minimizing errors and redundancies.


Why Choose Document Conversion?



Digitized documents can be made easily accessible to everyone in your organization and/or available to the public online, whether it be across your internal LAN or from a cloud-based system.


Document Security

Access to digital documents can be limited by network permissions – granting one or more individuals or groups access. Documents saved in secured environments can only be accessed by authorized users.

Paper documents can be easily misplaced, lost or damaged. Digital images offer a level of security not available with paper document.



Unlike paper documents which can deteriorate, get damaged, misplaced or lost, digitized documents are always accessible. Electronic images can be arranged, sorted and accessed by users quickly and efficiently. The risk of damage due to environmental factors is virtually eliminated. The ability to archive as backup gives you added piece-of-mind.

OSC is your optimum paper handling solution

Why choose OSC?

Scanning and Digitization

OSC was a pioneer in the digitizing industry introducing its own technology nearly 30 years ago. As a product that is only available through a licensing agreement, companies large and small convinced OSC to open a service bureau. Now any size company can afford to utilize our skilled labor and proven conversion technology. Strict security measures and total quality control is maintained to ensure your documents are replicated in their exact likeness. Quality is never compromised.

Document Destruction

Even after finishing the digitization process, OSC continues to fully protect the privacy of your documents. We can return the paper to you or we can securely shred and destroy the documents. No matter what method you choose, you can be sure that your documents and data is secure.

Searchable PDF, Optical Character Recognition, Data Indexing

You and your employees require easy access to your documents, files and data. Through the use of Optical Character Recognition techniques OSC can provide searchable PDFs. We can also generate index data to help you search and access the data. Our proven experience saves you time and effort, ultimately making people more productive and thus saving money.

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David Lustig IMG_4736e

David Lustig

VP Of Business Development

From start to finish the process was smooth. Company personnel picked up 750 boxes of files which were scanned, indexed, and converted to searchable PDFs. Their excellent quality control processes ensured accurate and timely delivery. Great job!

Purchasing Manager


Unified Court System


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Market Research

OSC’s proprietary data capture system revolutionized the way the market research industry processes questionnaires and surveys. But the real key to OSC’s success is our ability to anticipate our clients’ needs by adapting our software and personalizing our services to meet their specific needs.

OSC’s patented data capture technology, written and supported by OSC software specialists, is the fastest, most accurate system available for extracting valuable information from paper surveys. In fact, OSC’s Fast Accurate Capture Technology System (FACTS) is the only data capture system that automatically processes all forms, even damaged or torn surveys, with no modification needed to your form design. And FACTS can distinguish cross-outs, erasures and stray marks from ‘real marks’ with very high accuracy.

● Choice - Service Bureau, licensing or on-site service

Opinions and information from members, customers, and employees are critical to our company’s continuing viability. Whether you entrust your paper surveys to our experts at OSC, license our technology or have our team process at your location, OSC provides all the support and expertise you need to get the job done right.

● Quality Control and Security

All client surveys are handled with care. The security and preservation of all documents we receive is top priority. From the moment your documents arrive at our facility to the moment your project is complete, they are controlled by OSC’s proven security systems. Our reputation for quality control throughout the data capture process is unblemished.

Features of the FACTS system

  • Patented Image Mark Recognition and analysis ensures that erasures, cross-outs, straight lines and other marking patterns are handled accurately.
  • Optical/Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR/ICR) – Pre-printed or handwritten entries can be automatically digitized eliminating hours of manual keying.
  • Workflow – The Workflow Management System allows you to manage, prioritize and monitor the distribution and flow of work within the FACTS system.
  • Embedded programming language – Provides a means to extend the functionality of the FACTS system by allowing users to write custom code that can be executed at specific points in the capture process.
  • System Statistics and Reporting – All activity within the system is tracked and can be reported by job, by day, by operator, etc.
  • Data Entry – Allows for the entry of manual data that could not be automatically captured into the FACTS system. Features are designed for maximum performance and accuracy.
  • Data Verification – a standard double check procedure that ensures accuracy of any or all captured data.
  • Verbatim Coding/Keying – Open-ended questions can be keyed exactly as written or can be custom coded based on the client’s parameters.
  • Telescoding – In-depth analysis – captures multiple levels of data, from a single open-ended response, providing a more valuable, in-depth profile of the respondents’ views.
  • Sound files (telephone interviews) processing  – The playing of sound files can be controlled to facilitate transcription and/or coding.
  • Snippet Creation – Print to hard copy or save to file the entire or sections of the survey.

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David Lustig IMG_4736e

David Lustig

VP Of Business Development

“…We especially appreciate the timeliness of both updates to the software and response to our occasional requests for technical support and other assistance.  OSC has become a very valued partner in the day-to-day operation of our business.”


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Election Services

OSC’s expertise in transforming paper ballots into digitized data is invaluable to public and private organizations charged with administering elections.

For over 20 years, OSC worked hand in hand with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) – a not-for-profit organization that administers elections for labor unions, guilds, corporations, credit unions, co-operative and condominium associations, universities and educational organizations, federal, state, and local governments and more.

For more information about American Arbitration’s Election services please visit or call Ken Egger at 215-731-2280.

Election Integrity

Quality control is a given at OSC and AAA, ensuring accurate, timely, unquestionable results. Results of highly contested elections have often been questioned with hand counts always proving the accuracy of our election tally processes.

Mail Ballot Voting

With nationwide mail balloting capabilities, voter participation is maximized whether the organization is local or comprised of branches across the country. Inventive ballot designs and skilled management of the entire mail balloting process ensures accurate and timely results. Utilizing the latest scanning technology in conjunction with our FACTS data capture system, OSC can process thousands of documents per hour, saving days over traditional administration and counting time.


Internet Voting

Our Internet Voting System makes voting simple, convenient, accessible, and secure for any number of constituents. It gives you tremendous flexibility with the manner the election can be administered. The system can be used remotely allowing your voters to vote from any location connected to the Internet via PIN access or it can be used at one or more voting locations for an even more secure environment. Additional flexibility can be added by using our State-of-the-art touch-screen voting system. Election results can be easily monitored and reported during the election.

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Jeffrey Schneider

Executive VP of Research & Development

Ballot design. Outgoing mail handling. Missing ballot requests. Daily mail receipts. Online voting. Paper ballot processing. Nothing that we ask of the AAA & OSC is overlooked or can't be handled. Their partnership has so simplified the election process that we can focus on our members rather than many details of the election process.



Union Local


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OSC is your optimum solution for handling your test scoring needs, from rating essays and other constructed responses to answer sheet data collection and scoring. 

For over a decade, Optimum Solutions Corporation has been providing data collection and scoring services to New York State BOCES, Regional Information Centers and school districts across New York. In fact, we have become the leading and most trusted vendor for these services, handling over 1.5 million New York State ELA, Math and Science Assessments, New York Regents exams and NYSITELL answer sheets in 2018-2019.

Score with EASE (Educational Assessment Scoring Environment)

Developed by our team of software designers and technical experts, with direct involvement from school administrators, EASE provides a suite of applications that addresses many of the issues involved in scoring and grading educational assessments. No matter what the challenge, EASE delivers the unique combination of tools, software and scoring support needed for classroom quizzes, standardized assessments, statewide exams and all other types of educational assessments. That’s how EASE has earned its reputation as the scoring solution of choice.

Our risk-averse approach and exceptional efficiencies in delivering an all-inclusive, budget friendly solution make OSC the company of choice for your scoring projects.

Customized solutions, exemplary customer service.

As exceptional as our software is, it is just one of the key elements that contribute to our clients’ success. Our team of software designers, technical experts and educational assessment specialists work hand in hand with each client every step of the way ensuring your needs are met. It is our dedication and commitment to the success of every scoring project we undertake that distinguishes OSC from other companies in the field.

For more information, please contact…


Clifford Johnsen
EVP Education and Business Development

            When deciding upon our scoring vendor, of course we weighed their capabilities, ensured their adherence to credentialed scorers and vetted their experience. In the end it was the OSC team that stood head and shoulders above the rest. They are professional, easy to work with and thoroughly experienced in all aspects of both print and computer based testing.  In addition, they work closely and consistently with each and every member of our testing staff, ensuring satisfaction every step of the way. It is the exceptional caliber of the OSC team that keeps us assured of a successful test scoring season.